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  1. Are You Wondering About the Efficacy and Safety of Flu Vaccines?

    Today, in the Weekly Epidemiological Record, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a position paper on influenza vaccines (link below). This is the first position paper on influenza vaccines by WHO since 2005. It includes a background discussion about the nature of influenza viruses, the epidemiology of influenza, and a long discussion on the efficacy and safety of influenza vaccinations including the trivalent inactivated vaccine as well as the live attentuated vaccine.

    Weekly epidemiological record / Relevé épidémiologique hebdomadaire

    Vaccines against influenza. WHO position paper - November 2012 23 November 2012, 87th year / 23 NOVEMBRE 2012, 87e année - No. 47, 2012, 87, 461-476

    full pdf at:

    Of significance to HCWs is this quote -
    A recent systematic review calculated a pooled incidence of influenza among unvaccinated HCWs of 18.7% (95%, CI 16% - 22%) per season, 7.5% of which were symptomatic. In addition, HCWs may play a key role in nosocomial transmission of influenza viruses to high-risk patients under their care.
    Of course, we can expect an attack on this article by the conspiracy theorists implying that WHO is in the pockets of big pharma. But, if you are an member and want to make your own informed decisions about influenza vaccinations, I would urge you to read the full article.
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