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disapline solutions/suggestions

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We are having problems with staff calling in

sick, etc. We have been taking turns with on call for the week ends- no pay for this.

Unless we come up with another plan our DON

may have to take more drastic measures-

example: If you call in 9 times in a year-

your out the door. This includes being in

the hospital, family members illness, death

in family - no exceptions.

I would like to know if other long term nursing homes are having to take on call,

weekends and do they get paid- how do you

handle call ins?

This has become a huge problem everywhere!!

I am sure it has to do with the present working conditions and morale in nursing. Your Director must first look at the big picture and do somethings to boost morale, so people want to come to work. Then, she must start discussing it at staff meetings, to get staff input. Finally, counseling and discipline is necessary for the individuals who are calling in sick too often. A limit has to be set and I think 10-12 times a year sounds reasonable to me. You don't want to be so harsh that you have nurses dragging themselves in to work when they are really sick. It's not good for the nurses and it's not good for the patients. Good Luck!!

We have a policy for Attendance and Tardy.

3 in any 3 month period is Verbal.

2 more in any 3 months is Written.

2 more in any 3 months if Final Written.

(If 6 months with none wipes slate clean)

2 more in any 4 month period is Suspension,

(3 days no pay).

1 more in 9 months is termination.

If goes 9 months with none, slate clean.

You'd be susprised how many people go through

the whole process. Same process for Tardy.

I think most facilities face the same issue, its just a matter of how management chooses to handle it. When you're short staffed to begin with, the last thing they want to do is let people go. Unfortunately to those of us working the floor, such people are what we refer to as "warm bodies"..they may meet criteria for patient/staff ratio, but thats about it. - and that doesn't include legitimate CI's..I'm talking about routine CI's, or worse, N/C - N/S's.

We also tried the Nurse-On Call List, but that wasn't accepted very well, as it boiled down to the reliable taking the punishment for the unreliable. Now, if you don't show up on your scheduled weekend to work, you can count on working the next weekend, regardless of what your reason was. - and if you don't show up that weekend, there's the door.

At our Center, our DON, ADON, and MDS Coordinator take turns with call M-F. On weekends, the staff nurses (RN and LPN) take turns with call, for which we are compensated.

Our current attendance policy, which all staff members agree to at employment, is that if you cannot come to work, you are responsible to find your own replacement. If you cannot find a replacement and do not come to work, you will get a written warning. Three written warnings (within either 6 mos or 1 year..can't remember which) are grounds for dismissal. We had been having a real problem with people calling in 1 hour before start of shift, often for questionable reasons, putting a real strain on the responsible members of our team. After putting our new policy in place, our partner attendance has improved dramatically.

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