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Sorry if this offends anyones political views, or situations....I think its funny, and I think alot of people out there will too...

And old man comes stumbling into a bar, his legs are bent out of shape, his back has a hump in it, and his hands are useless from the years and years working at the farm. He sits down and orders a drink.

A second man comes into the bar with casts on his legs, a cast on one arm, and bandages all over his head. He sits down and orders a drink.

A third man comes in, and he looks a little beaten up, has a limp and looks down on his luck.

Finally, Jesus walks into the bar and sits down. The three men look over and see him sitting there. The first old man says to the bartender and says

"Is that Jesus?"

The bartender replies "Yes it is"

The old man says "send him over a drink on my tab please"

The second two men see what happened, and they both order a drink to be sent to Jesus on their tab as well.

Then Jesus stood up and walked over to the old man...

"for your kindness, I will heal all your problems"

With that, Jesus touched the old mans head, and instantly his legs were back to normal, his back was straight, and his hands were perfect. The old man got up and said thank you and did cartwheels out the door.

Jesus walked up to the second man, said "For your kindess I will heal all your wounds"

The broken legs were healed, the arm was healed, and the wounds on the mans head were gone. The man stood up and danced out the door.

Jesus walked up to the third mand and said "For your kindness, I will heal all your problems."

The man said "don't touch me, I'm on disability!"


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