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I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise about direct entry NP programs? I just graduated from Harvard with a concentration in Psychology and hope to apply to a direct entry NP program. Does anyone have any tips on what they did to help them get in? What was your college GPA, and how much did that matter? Did you go directly after college or did you work first? Prior healthcare experience? I am going to volunteer in a hospital this summer and fall, and throughout college I worked in a human development lab. I am working on my prereqs right now, does it matter whether they are finished when I apply? A final question for those of you that are currently in direct entry programs: How is it going so far? Are you happy with your career choice?

I really appreciate any answers. I am feeling a bit lost with this whole process, as my advisor at school had no idea this career path even existed. On an end note I am planning on applying to BC, Simmons, Regis, and MGH. These are the only programs I found around the Boston area.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Hi there,

You and I have a lot in common as far as past education and career choices, and I'd be happy to share info with you. Are you able to send/receive private messages yet on this website? I believe you need to have made 15 posts or so in order to do so? I think it would be easier to correspond through pm's.

I am heading to bed now after working a night shift so I'll check back later : )


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Yeah I don't have access to private messages, but my email address is [email protected] you can email me there is you would like. Thanks, talk to you soon!

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