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I need to find a Direct Entry MSN program in any state or online!

I'm NOT an RN or LPN but I do have patient care experience and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.

I have NOT taken the GRE so I'm searching for a school that will admit based on transcripts and experience.

I do NOT have all the pre-req's most schools want from a 4 year univ within the last 5 years.

So I'm searching for a school that will admit based on CLEP tests or experience if such a thing exists.

I have given EKG's

Coordinated Clinical Trials

Phlebotomy Certification

IV admixture

Dispensed Meds

Certified Pharmacy Tech

Bachelor's Degree

First-Aid & CPR Certified

Any idea of a school that would accept me to start ASAP? It can be anywhere really but I suppose online may be best. If not I can move. Grad schools only ----- I can't take out undergrad student loans b/c I am maxed out.

Please email me your ideas. :)

There are several in Ohio: Xavier, Mt. St. Joseph, Ohio State, Cincinnati State, Case Western. Xavier seems to require the least amount of work as far as prerequisites. I believe Ohio State offers some of the courses online.

I'm in the same boat; however, I've decided to go the LPN route and then essentially bridge my way to an MSN. I have just enough undergrad loans available to cover the LPN, and then I'm hoping to land a decent paying job that offers tuition assistance for the rest. This route will not take much longer than getting a generic MSN and then a nurse practitioner certificate.

There are a lot of options out there, so you're smart to do as much research as possible.

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