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Direct entery FNP for businessman?

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A little background:

I am 30 years old and serve as a vice president of a very large multi-national medical device corporation. My degree is in aeronautical science. I live in Europe at the present time and don't have any plans (due to my work obligations) to return to the US for two more years.

Now, I have always wanted to be in healthcare as a practitioner. I have worked along side NPs in several situations with my business now and find it to be a very attractive fit once I am ready to make the jump. Being a non-BSN student, it appears that my best option will be the direct entry program.

Being in Europe, many schools here (locally) don't offer the ability to go do various classes such as Biochem, A&P, microbiology, etc. So, my question is what can I do to prepare now for this switch? I've seen several online schools that offer pre-req classes with labs. Ocean County College appears to have a decent offering for these classes.

Is there any harm or risk in doing these classes online? What else could I do to prepare? I prefer to not sit around and wait until I return to the US if I can avoid it. I would like to study and stay busy.

So, there it is! If you can provide any comments, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm also happy to answer any questions if they help you answer mine.

Thanks everyone!

I would not see harm in doing any of the prerequisites online, doing the courses solely online once in a practitioner program I would never suggest and do not know of any place that does do that. I will say that it will be very tough without any background in the medical field, but it sounds like you are a hard worker and will be dedicated to your studies. There are programs in the US that do offer entry into the MSN program with a bachelors in another field. Do be wary as many of the US programs are getting rid of the MSN in preparation for the push for all NPs to hold a DNP by 2015.

In regards to your original question I kind of side-stepped about the prerequisites, I am not sure if any do require those courses. The few programs I did look up state an alternate plan of study for those with a non-nursing bachelor's degree. I also did just look up a school that I am planning to apply to for my MSN to DNP and saw that they do offer a non-BSN to DNP program. I would call some of the schools you had in mind on attending to see what their requirements will be for you in particular. You have a unique case and would hate to give you false information.

Good Luck and Welcome!!!!

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I don't think it would be any problem to do pre-reqs on line, but how do you do labs on-line? Also, make sure any school you take a course at is accredited, or the NP programs may not accept the courses. I would also investigate volunteer opportunities in a health care setting. I assume you are very busy, but virtually every student in my direct-entry NP program had some type of health care experience, even if it was volunteer. We had musicians, artists, social workers, etc., but all had some exposure to health care (I was a medical technologist for many years before becoming a NP).

I am very happy I changed my career and went through a direct entry program. I've been working as an NP for 2 years now and love the work I do. If this is your dream, then don't let anything stop you. I wish you the best!