Direct comission Army

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My name is Joel. Im about to finish my bachelor of nursing science. I live In Puerto Rico.I was doing my home work of how to enter as a nurse in the army, Rotc is not an option for me, i am already in my last semester and they can not longer take me. So my only option is to enter with direct comissioning wicht I learned I need my enclex. I will give you details about me, so somebody can answer me. I am a male of 22 years old. I got 3:40 gpa, wich i think i will get it to 3:48 or 3:50 by the end of the semester. Im married but not childs. No interested in OCS or combat medic because it almost impossible to enter the nursecorps even by OCS. My recruiters of the area dont know anything about direct comissioning or they dont want to share that information, they only speak of going combat medic and OCS and be an officer in something else. Also their is not an AMEDD recruiter near by me, the closer one is like 2 hours from me. I need to work in my PT overrall, my english is good but not great. I have no experience besides my nursing practices in the hospitals. I dont really care if I go as a Active duty, reserve or national guard, either way Im planning to move to texas in the next couple of years. I got my nurse licensed from puerto rico, but is no enclex. I want to know if the enclex is a lockout to enter as a nurse, or I have to do something else (like have experienced)? I want to know because some forums says the army and NG is full nurses, others say they wont have nurses without experiences, others say the contrary that you only need your bachelor and nurses are in demand. Asuming I dont go direct comissioning, their is another way to enter as a nurse?

I also want to point out, I am planning to move to the state because in my country their is no job for young nurses like me, basically their is no job in anything because my country is in bankruptcy and I cant start my master right away because they only accepted nurses with experiences as well.