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I work for a well known Home Health Agency as a part time Clinical Manager. I have a great working realtionship with the staff. We have been very short staffed lately. We have just hired a new RN Case Manager and a part-time RN. I have agreed to orient the part-time person. She works another job and is not available until after 330 pm in the afternoons. In addition to this part-time job, I pick my grandchildren up each day from playschool and school about 25 miles away and keep them until their parents get off of work. All this is well known by the DOO, but she is pushing me to the limit! I have been coming back in the evenings orienting the RN. This weekend we are doing a revisit to get her checked off on wound care. I am not on call. The person on call has 4 SOC and 1 ROC along with maybe 2 revisits for Sat and Sun. I get a message through the new RN that the DOO wants me to check on the on call RN because she has the visits as stated above. The DOO is on back up call, not me. How non-professional would it be to not be available by phone is she (the DOO) should call. I have been a nurse for 35 years and do not mind working. I am beginning to think that my next step should be to step down from the part-time clinical manager and go back to doing visits. I have other family committents which I must honor. Just wanted some opinions.

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