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Hi. I am looking to for some insight pertaining to CRNA schools. Basically what I would like to know from current CRNA's is .... How important is the choice of university/college we attend for anesthetist school in our professional career thereafter? Do better schools warrant greater opportunities in the future? I ask this because Im between to programs... one of which is fairly new, but close to home and clinicals where I currently work, and the other program is fairly mature but requires a "short" relocation and additional class. Also.. the newer institution is considerably cheaper.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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As the professor that interviewed me said " the best school in the nation is the one you will graduate from" If you look, there are rankings out there that mean absolutely nothing. I think there are pros and cons in both your choices and I would speak to someone in the new program regarding how things are going. With the newer program, you will have to endure growing pains as they learn what works for them and the students. I don't think that were you graduate from plays a huge role in your job choices. You may have graduate last from the best school in the nation. (barely getting by) or you may graduated first in your class at other. I personally don't think it matters to much. Maybe a few people that have graduated will answer. This is the opinion of other students from reading other sources in the anesthsia student world.


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