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I have been reading a few posts. The nursing school I will be attending is a hospital nursing school. The only requirement they have before entering the school is;2 years of high school algerba,chem & bio. Am I missing something here? In my two year program A&p, mico, health & Nutrition, psy, soc, freshman english ,pharmacolgy and one elective are all part of the nursing program. Can all of you tell me what your programs are like?



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The school I attended required us to take a NLN pre-test. If we passed we could apply for the program, if not we had to take classes to refresh in either English, Math or Chem, when these were finished then we could apply for the nursing program.

Then we had to finish A&P 1 and 2, Micro, Patho, Intro to Psych, Intro to Sociology, Developmental Psych, Speech, English Comp. These could be taken along with or prior to starting the nursing program.

The actual nursing classes consisted of Physical Assessment and Fundemetals of Nursing in the first semester, Family Nursing 2nd semester, Collaborative care and Chronic Illness in 3rd semester, and Managing Care in diverse Settings in 4th semester.

Along with this we had to complete 6 credits of Electives.

The nursing classes included pharmacology and med math and such. we had to pass a pharm test and a math test every sememster and if you did not do it with a 90% or above, you were out, but they gave you three tries. Also the lowest grade you could have in ANY class was a C, which was 80% in the nursing classes. A C- would not be acceptable. There is more, but these are the basics.

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