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Difference between Med/Surg and ED (CNA)?


I know this probably isn't the correct forum, but can some explain the differences (either from a nurse or cna's standpoint) in CNA work on a Med/Surg floor VS the ED? I see a local hospital is hiring seasonal ED and per diem for Med/Surg Telemetry.

Thanks in advance!

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I think it really varies by hospital the privileges that a CNA will have, but I can give you my experience. I am a CNA on a med/surg floor and we do typical CNA stuff: bathing, toileting, feeding, changing beds, send lab specimens, vital signs, blood sugars, pass ice, stock linens, etc. Where I work, the CNAs that work in ED are called Techs and are allowed to do blood draws, EKGs, and are more active in the code situations (I deliver the crash cart and get out of the way). My guess would be that a CNA in ED would do almost the same: toileting, stocking, vital signs, blood sugars, and the rest probably varies depending on the hospital. I would say both are going to be really great learning experiences! I would say put in an app for both and see where it takes you!

Good luck and hope that helped