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My mother in law recently had a unilateral nephrectomy and asked me if there were any specific diets she should be aware of (Imagine my shock when I couldnt recite her any off the top of my head !).Ive combed the net for any post nephrectomy diets I could find but, have come up empty handed.If anyone has any info on this please pass it along (and help me gain back my self respect!).Post here or contact me at [email protected] . Thanks alot!



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I think any dietary recommendations would depend on the funtional status of your mother-in-law's remaining kidney and perhaps the reason(s) behind her nephrectomy. Have you spoken to her nephrologist to see what he/she recommends in the line of diet? That would probably be the best place to find the info you are looking for. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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