Did I make a mistake by accepting this job offer?

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Hello all. I have been an RN for two years. 

I worked in adult oncology in that time and became proficient at my job enough to transfer to dayshift which I prefer waaay more over nights.

I THOUGHT I wanted critical care RN experience so I decided to make a major career switch into NICU (Neonatal ICU). Adult ICU's rejected me left and right. 

The NICU job I am in right now is for night shift. It takes YEARS to get into dayshift here in the nicu..

I accepted this job knowing it was nights but, I honestly had a change in heart considering that my s/o works dayshift, I am a morning person, and that I just moved to an area that would get me into traffic if I worked nights. Not looking forward to it AT ALL!

They leave you on days for a while until there's availability to train on nights, so I am still on days at least for a good couple months.

I have been here 4 months. Every single day I contemplate my life decisions here. I walk into work stressed and mad at myself for accepting a job with a schedule that I don't like and does not fit with my lifestyle. I feel sad and I feel like an idiot. I also am aware that I look unhappy when I am at work and sure it's very noticeable.

the job in the NICU itself is not bad and honestly the babies yes are cute and there are many beautiful moments to witness here. 

however I worry so much about the schedule, the nights. I have anxiety over it to the point that my learning is blocked. I don't know what to do.  Can anyone give me advice?

I am unable to transfer for at least one year. But I have the option of quitting and reapplying elsewhere. 

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Reapply elsewhere first. It may take longer than expected to find another position. During the wait, things may turn around for you with your current position; you may have a change of heart and get used to the night shift....you never know. But at least you will still remain employed. The nursing world has a way of looking down over the eyeglasses at gaps in employment that are 30 days or longer which cannot be explained by vacation, illness, or the like.

I'm currently on nightshift and the hardest part about my job is getting there. Of course, my only significant other is my bed, which I miss dearly.

See if you can transfer back to your old unit. If the facility where you work values you as an employee (and recognizes the expense of orienting a new employee) they will allow you to do so. First I'd see if there is a position available on your old unit. Then, explain to the NICU manager you recognize it's not a good fit for you. I'd be honest about your reasons for wanting to go back. If you're an employee in good standing, the will most likely allow you to do so. I've seen it done in my facility. Never hurts to ask.

Good luck!! 

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