Did you Graduate in 1970 or earlier?

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PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I am a Nursing student (I graduate in May!). I have to do an interview with a Nurse/Nurses who graduated 1970 or ealier. It is an assignment for my Issues and Trends in Nursing class. I work On an L&D Unit as a student nurse extern and I cannot find anyone who graduated '70 or before, lots of '73 though! :rolleyes: Please Help me! It is due This coming thursday!

Things I would ask or need to obtain from the interview:

Year of Graduation, Diploma, Degree? Where from?

Notworthy facts

Compare/contrast the school the nurse went to and my program.

What has not changed over history.

Most Significant Change

Any story that the nurse wants to tell.

PLEASE HELP, :crying2:

You may email me at [email protected] if you want or PM me or if you think you can answer any questions here feel free!!

Thank you! Thank You!


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