Transplant scheduled, WHAT TO EXPECT?

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    I will be donating a kidney to my stepdaughter on November 22, 2006. (See 'My daughter's GFR if 4, HELP' thread for more info). Since her illness began in April 2005, it seems as if we have spent every holiday in the hospital. She has RPCG, or rapidly progressive cresentic glomerionephritis. She is 23 years old and a senior in college studying marketing. Now she wants to continue school and after completing this degree, go into child phsycology.

    Anne has dialysis 3 days per week now, has had to suspend her schooling this semester and has very little energy. I feel so blessed to be a match and have the ability to give her this great gift. People ask me if I am nervous or have second thoughts.... NONE AT ALL. Our surgery will be at the very hospital that I work at, so it is a great family affair. The transplant team are wonderful and everyone has been very supportive.

    I was wondering from the "experts" here, what are some things to expect, watch for and do to make this hospitalization as easy as possible. No medical advise expected, just that good old nursing "hints". They are always better than any info in a medical book.
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    Hi Cin RN. I just wanted to say that when I was 5 & then again at 17 years old I had a kidney transplant and my mom was my donor for the first transplant. What a spectacular gift. There is no way I can ever thank her enough but she just says as a mother you would do anything for your child and just to see me not sick was the best thing and made it all worthwhile. Best of luck to both you and your stepdaughter. Both of you will for sure be in my thoughts. If you ever want to talk or your stepdaughter wants to talk, feel free to PM me. I only know what I went through but would share some of those experiences if you would like to know anything in particular. Again, I hope all goes well.
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