PD and Home Hemo Nursing

  1. There's a lot of talk about the pros and cons of acute and chronic dialysis jobs. How about the home therapies? Couldn't find anything recent when searching. What are the common complaints about these roles from the nurse's standpoint? What draws people to these jobs? What are some things that new hires don't consider?

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  3. by   gardenwalker
    I've recently moved from outpatient dialysis to a home training program. It's all similar of course but so different with the home modalities. Luckily I know the hemo machines and cannulation from in center but am learning all about PD. The hours are NOT 5am - 5pm, mostly 8 hours a day which I like. Also you are in the office seeing patients for labs that you draw and MD clinic days. Home visits and training patients are very cool as well. I recommend it.
    When you say new hires, do you mean new to dialysis? I'd say it's not for a first timer in dialysis, you need to learn about dialysis from the incenter standpoint first.
  4. by   CFrancine
    Thanks for the info. I recently applied for a position. Your experience sounds similar to what I was told. Only thing I would add, for future readers, is that acute experience works as well. I've never worked in a chronic center but that didn't have any issue on my candidacy.
  5. by   jamona851
    Hello! I interviewed for a hemo home Nurse position today. It sounded like the perfect position for me. How are you liking it?
  6. by   CFrancine
    Just started but I honestly think it's going to be GREAT!
  7. by   jamona851
    Thats awesome! I alsogot the position..I'll be starting soon! I think im going to love it!