PD and Care Management Nursing at DaVita

  1. Hello, I have been wondering about PD and Care Management nursing at DaVita, as I'm not really sure what either one of these careers entirely entails (I have been doing clinic dialysis and often hear the SW encouraging pts to try PD, and I frequently see job postings for "care management nurses" in my area). What is a typical day's schedule like for a DaVita PD nurse? What kind of on call hours do you have, how often do you go to patient homes? Give me the juicy details.
    Same basic question for the DaVita Care Management nurses- what is a typical day's schedule like, what are you responsible for, and what are the "juicy details"
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  3. by   KidneyNurse2014
    I am not sure about the Care Management Nurse with Davita but PD nursing I do know....
    Each day varies. Depends on the time of the month. If it is the beginning of the month, you have labs to draw, clinic visits, monthly education, med administration etc. And the rest of the month is catch up, repeat labs, training new patients, doctors clinic days, marketing (yes, part of the job) education for new stage 4/5 patients (unless there are Kidney Smart classes in your area) On call for us was just taking simple triage calls after hours. I used to call it "free money" because we rarely got called. We didn't have to go to the hospitals or clinics, just point the patient in the right direction. Patient home visits are initially, PRN (have to go if someone has peritonitis or any changes) and yearly. The plus side....its m-f, weekends and holidays off (at least where I am) so it is a position that is rarely available because once someone is working it, they rarely leave.
    Good luck
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    Thanks for the details! it sounds fabulous. Do you have a set of "primary patients" that you work with like in HD where you're in charge of their monthly outcomes, monthly notes, med recs, teaching, etc.?

    Also anybody else out there with Peritoneal or Care Management feel free to add details
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    Sorry to resurrect this but, man, I am interested in PD! Anyone else wanna share anything?
    Also, we may be getting a care management position at my clinic soon and I am kinda curious.