Pay Scale for Southwest Florida Dialysis RN

  1. I am a seasoned RN 14 years experience(Psychiatric/OR/CM)-Traveled the last 2.5 years. I have relocated to SWF. I have had the phone interview with Davita and have my panel interview scheduled for Tuesday.I have researched pay rates on It is my understanding that the pay in dialysis clinics in SWF is much better than the hospital rate. Any advice/input would be appreciated....

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  3. by   nephnurse13
    Dialysis always pays better. There is no MD, no NP in the building. You have to have excellent assessment skills to be a competent dialysis nurse. It's very rewarding but very demanding. Been a charge nurse at Fresenius for 14 years.
  4. by   gardenwalker
    Dialysis nursing is challenging and rewarding. About the pay though, here in Oregon an RN will usually make more $ in a hospital setting if you can find one. Most hospitals have discontinued their own dialysis and partnered with an outpatient clinic.
    I was a dialysis charge nurse, a clinic manager and now in home dialysis. Nephrology rocks!