New Treatments in Bladder Cancer

  1. Looking for information regarding any new treatments for bladder cancer. I am researching for a friend who was diagnosed with TCC,papillary type. He has already undergone two unsuccessful tx's with BCG, and now the cancer has invaded the muscle layer.

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  3. by   Canrckid

    I work at a university based hospital here in California, and a large portion of our patient population are urological surgeries.
    A continent "pouch" can be created using a loop of small bowel and even connected to the urethra so patients can void normally after some exercises and training.....They are called "Kock" pouches, or sometimes "T" pouches, and may be possible in your friends case, even with muscle invasion. I'm assuming by your "profile" that you and your friend live in Pennsylvania........You can contact Penn Medical Center at: and click on "Medical Services"........the Division Chief of Urology is a Alan J. Wein.....maybe you can consult with him to explore your friends options......Good Luck!

  4. by   Peggy Woodward
    I work at University of Kansas Hospital where we do similar surgeries that the other nurse mentioned. I just found this web site.

    We call the procedure CUR (continent urinary reservoir) or neobladder if attached to the urethra. We have been doing this for about 12 years. We have very good success. Contact Deb Kueker in the Urology Clinic or Dr. John Weigel. 1-800-332-4199 or 1-913-588-5000.
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    I'm looking for a urology nurse to help me on my senior reasearch paper. BPH is the topic and I'm looking for unique care plans for the nursing care part of my paper. Everywhere I look all the same information and suggestions. HELP