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  1. Hello everyone, hoping someone can give me some info, our hospital is planning to outsource our small dialysis unit(8 chairs, 2 shifts, 6 days a week) to a corportation, Renal Alliance or something like that, and we are all very concerned about our future. We hear good things and bad things, could anyone give us some information about this company and some of things we might expect to happen. Some of the nurses that work here have 10 or more years invested in this hopital and are very concerned about losing benefits, will the new corporation buy our benefits and will we have to apply for a position or will they automatically hire us? These are just a few of the questions we have, we appreciate any advice, thank you.
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  3. by   RM23
    There is a Renal Advantage Inc. RAI. The CEO is Mike Klein. If this is the company that you are speaking about I can provide the following information.

    In July, the company announced plans to purchase 73 dialysis centers from Davita and Gambro. They may have also purchased your unit, if this is the company. THe CEO, Mike Klein sent a form letter to all patients assuring that there would be few, if any, changes in the care and told patients/families that ""the staff you now and trust will continue to serve you, and we seek to support them at all levels"". The principle differences are a new name, focused programs and efforts aimed to privde higher level of service. The patients will have to sign new forms, etc, provide information that was previously given to unit due to a new company purchasing unit. I would then assume that staff, due to new ownership, might have to reapply just as a means of paperwork... ie applications, etc. as with any company there are forms that employees must fill out, etc. I would not worry too much and realize this is the process. Hope this is helpful.
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    Forgot, address of Renal Advantage, Inc is 115 east park drive, brentwood, TN 37027