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  1. I am an LPN and GFR was a new term for me. My mom has lupus or so they suspect and she called me after going to the doctor on Monday and said that she had a declining GFR. She said the MD stated that when he checked it prior it was in the 50's now it is 34. I did some research and am concerned.

    Can someone help me understand what this means for my mother? She has an appt with a nephrologist later this month. With this kind of decline do you suspect that she will eventually have to go on dialysis? Or can this be controlled?

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  3. by   rn2bby08
    I wished I had an answer for you but I don't, instead I have a question almost like yours. My question is, I work in a LTC facility and we are possibly getting an admit and her diag. reads: Renal disease,stage 6.What does this mean? I have never heard of any kind of stage in renal disease,only End Stage Renal Disease. The other nurses at work said they didn't have any answers either. Any information would be appreciated.
  4. by   meagansmom
    From what I have read there is only 5 stages so I don't know what 6 would be.

    My mother is at the lower stage of 3 with a GFR of 34 at 29 (stage 4) they start discussing transplant or dialysis in the future and then, I think 16 or below is end stage renal disease(stage 5).

    Yesterday she said the first GFR was done sometime this year that was in the 50s and now she is at 34. That is quite a rapid decline and that worries me.
  5. by   PeopleNurse
    i have been taught that ckd(chronic kidney disease) has 5 stages only. each stage is defined by a gfr range. ckd 5 is the most severe.
    stage 1 kidney damage w/normal or increased gfr-------gfr >90
    stage 2 kidney damage w/mild decrease in gfr-----------gfr 60-89
    stage 3 moderate decrease in gfr-------------------------gfr 30-59
    stage 4 severe decrease in gfr----------------------------gfr 15-29
    stage 5 kidney failure--------------------------------------gfr <15 or dialysis.
    to help know about your mother's condition and what is the expected end result with her kidneys and timeline maybe you could go to her doctor with her. is she seeing a nephrologist? have they talked about dialysis being used eventually when/if she reaches stage 5? a good site to go to for kidney patients and caregivers is it is from the natl kidney foundation. i wish the best for your mother and pray things go well for her and that her doctors are on top of her care.
  6. by   meagansmom
    Thanks for responding. She does have an appt with a nephrologist on the 21st. I have asked off to go with her. I really want to hear what they have to say. No one has discussed dialysis with her, I am hoping it doesn't come to that. What I was wondering is if this can be controlled in some way to prevent that or is that an impending prediction?

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