From OR to Dialysis?

  1. I have a job offer with a Hemodialysis unit at a large Midwest teaching hospital where I work and am trying to decide whether to accept it or not. The job would float inpatient (RN only) to outpatient (RNs and techs) + call.

    I graduated last May via an accelerated BSN program (this is my second bachelor's and I am in my 30s). I have been working in the operating room since last year. I am interested in a position with a lot more patient contact (and a little less surgeon contact), and I enjoy working with technology.

    I spoke to the nurse manager and a veteran dialysis nurse and told them my background - beside 800+ clinical hours in nursing school and my work as a CNA during school - I don't have other patient care experience as an RN (like in med surg or tele or ICU).

    Both said that although this experience would be helpful, it's not necessary and they thought I would do fine.

    I have read the other posts pertaining to this subject, and although I am not a completely new grad -the OR is so very, very different from the floor.

    I don't want to provide unsafe care, be a burden on the other nurses and techs, or set myself up for failure. I am willing to learn and am a good team player. I think I will be a very good nurse in the right area and I thought Dialysis might be a good fit, but after reading some of the advice here I am beginning to have second thoughts.

    I am just wondering if any of you have trained an RN who has not had a med surg/ICU background or if anyone has gone into dialysis with an OR background and has done well? Thank you.
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