Dialysis Nurse Managers, Technicians and Vascular Access

  1. [font='courier new']subject: earn money by participating in medical research surveys

    [font='courier new']dear medical professionals and vascular access coordinators,

    [font='courier new']brand institute is the world's largest pharmaceutical brand identity consultancy. we help major medical and pharmaceutical companies name their products and conduct market research projects for them.

    [font='courier new']we are currently conducting a market research project for a medical device manufacturer. we are looking for dialysis nurse managers, dialysis technicians, vascular access coordinators and anyone who maintains or care for hemodialysis catheters. [font='courier new']your time and effort will be compensated with a fee; we reward participants with an honorarium of $45[font='courier new'].[font='courier new'] but most of all, the satisfaction gained by actively participating in the safe development of medical products.

    [font='courier new']we ask you to please register in our website http://www.brandinstitute.com/surveys to become part of our medical panel that examines possible product names through the completion of short online evaluations. we will not use your information for anything except the surveys, and of course...to mail you your check! we will not sell your information to any lists or use it for illicit advertising.

    [font='courier new']we need as many participants as possible to increase the precision of the process. please feel free to pass this invitation along to any of your colleagues that may be able to assist us in this endeavor.

    [font='courier new']thank you for your time! we appreciate your help in creating tomorrow's medications.

    [font='courier new']kind regards,

    [font='courier new']the brand institute team

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