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Hi! After being laid-off twice since graduating last year, I finally got a job offer from Fresenius as an Acute Care Traveling Apheresis RN (I'll cover 74 hosp in a 75 mi radius). This job sounds... Read More

  1. by   Tish88
    Let your manager know your feelings and concerns.
    The cost of orientation is very expensive.
    Do they have any chronic hemo positions available? Not saying chronic clinics are easy! They are very busy!!!!!
  2. by   xEdgexRNx
    What are chronic clinics like?

    at least i'd have shift hours and no on-call

    if i let her know my concerns, im afriad she'll fire me without transferring me to dialysis.

    I just want a hospital job! why arent hospitals hiring?! this is so ridiculous! im willing to move out of state too... but no place is hiring "newer" grads
  3. by   Tish88
    Apparently she noticed potential in you in the first place, or she would not have hired you.
    It would be best to be truthful upfront instead of going thru all the training and then losing you.
    Hopefully once we are through this recession, the hospitals will start hiring new grads again. Like I stated before, orientation is very costly and that is a way hospitals are trying to save their budgets as with using experienced RN's as opposed to new grads. Plus, there have been a lot of studies out there indicating that new grads only stay in their first offered position for 1 year and then they transfer to another position.
    Hang in there, it will get better.
  4. by   xEdgexRNx
    do u think im not giving it enuf of a chance?

    I do know that I cannot do the crazy on-call hours, nor am I happy that she wasnt truthful about the hours of the "shifts".

    What do I do in the meantime for income? I've applied everywhere!
  5. by   Tish88
    First of all 74 facilities to cover is NUTS - they need to divide them out and create "teams" to cover certain facilities.

    I though Fresenius had a 60 mile requirement - meaning if the assignment was more than 60 miles from your home you didn't have to accept the assignment unless you wanted to.
    FMC have facilities all over and I am sure they are in need of help.

    The chronic units are very busy and some clinics you will be the only RN in the building.

    These specialty areas is a love or hate type of job.

    If you feel that she was not truthful about the shift hours/on call responsibly, let her know.