Antibiotics during dialysis - page 2

Hi all. I am new to dialysis and have a question... I was wondering if any of you had any info on administering antibiotics while the pts are dialyzing. My clinic doesnt have a specific policy for... Read More

  1. by   Farkinott
    I'm from Oz and in the unit I work in we give Genta over an hour once the dialysis is finished. We do not administer Genta until we know the serum levels. Vanco (same with serum level) is given at any time through the dialysis as it is not dialysed off, though the last hour is the usual time frame ("for Justin")...............................that's aussie for just in case. Some of your brand names for medications are confusing. That is one of the reasons we try and stay with the generic name of the drug. If the generic is used then no mistakes can be made! Sorry..............sounds like didactic tactics!
    It's great to be able to get ideas from other renal nurses worldwide so let's keep the communications going!