Acute Dialysis: Do they want you to live close by?

  1. I am a recent grad looking into an acute dialysis position because of the extensive training provided.

    For acute dialyis, will they want you to live in the same city your job is in so that you can respond quickly to pages when you are on call?

    I live in a small town about 35 miles north of the big city where the clinics are located. If I can commute I will just apply there. But if they're going to expect me to move there, then I might as well apply nationwide, since I'm going to have to move anyway why limit myself to just this area?
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  3. by   Tish88
    I have worked for the 2 largest dialysis companies and never had to live in the city where the position was for. Since I did acutes, I was expected to travel to the hospitals were they provided dialysis treatments for.

    The one company would make acutes travel up to 60 miles one way from their home to cover hospital treatments. Anything more than 60 miles, they could not force you to go and would find someone that lives closer.

    The companies do have policies that indicate how long you have to respond to a page and be at the hospital and have the patient connected to the dialysis machine. One company gives you 2 hours and the other is 4 hours.
  4. by   micthompson17
    I am an acute dialysis nurse. When we are on call we are expected to be at the hospital within 2 hours of being called. We are usually on call one night a week and one out of every six to eight weekends. There are a few nurses who live around 30 miles away.