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i am a recent RN nurse graduate and was wondering about different options in the RN field. I am currently working in a hospital but i was wondering what people thought of working outside a hospital. Has anyone tried he health care, dialysis, travel nursing (i know this option will still be in hospitals, but at least i would be able to change scenery), etc? Do hospitals pay the best and should i stay for a while? I am planning to stay where i am for a year, but then i want to try something else


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Hello- I knew an experienced dialysis nurse who did dialysis-travel assignments all over the country, she even went on a cruise ship doing dialysis. I've never done traveling, but I do in-hospital dialysis, and I can tell you it is a very good skill to have. Be aware that in-hospital dialysis is very different than the chronic setting. Maybe do share days if you are interested. Some units take new grads, some don't. I wish you good luck!


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thanks for the advice! I never knew there were traveling dialysis nurses!

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I was a traveling dialysis nurse for 4 years, mainly in hospitals, it was mostly good, although I had a few VERY rough assignments. You must have at least 1 year of experience before they will consider you. I personally hated being on call, and the unpredictability of the schedule. I worked a 22 hour shift once LOL! I started dialysis in an outpatient unit, and work in a small clinic at present.

I did 12 years of hospital nursing before starting in dialysis. I left the hospital practictly on my hands and knees, and swore I didn't want to be a nurse anymore, it was that bad!

Once I got comfortable in the field, I loved it, and still love it after almost 20 years!

I was paid a lot more doing acute dialysis than chronic, but at my age, money ain't everything! I like locking the doors after work, and not be worried my beeper will go off!

I can't imagine doing anything else, I hope to retire from this facility.


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Thanks for the advice! The hospital just about has me on my hands and knees already, so i'm trying to expand my options

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