are all dialysis managers control freaks???

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Do managers in any of your clinics tell you their is only ONE way to tape an IV site? that you can only decannulate the arterial or venous in certain order? do they tell you that pcts can draw heparin? that a sign of your performance is putting "x" number of pts on as fast as a pct? (even though you are assessing and pushing hep on every one the pct puts "on") just wondering if I want to stay in this mode of "nursing"


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Outpatient dialysis managers are often forced to think of time as money and push their staff to do the same. I work in the inpatient setting for that very reason. I hate to say it but I think of outpatient dialysis as an assembly line... the pressure is really on to move them (the patients) in, get them on, get them off rapidly, and then move them out. Where's the human factor in that?? Do we think that our patients feel cared for and secure in this environment? I can tell you firsthand that they don't. I think that we, as nurses, can advocate for our patients in this area. Yes, we want to get patients assessed on begin their treatments in a timely fashion, afterall, the "clock" doesn't start ticking until you get them on, but certainly not at their, or our own, expense. Have you considered trying the inpatient, acute dialysis arena?

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