Dialysis or acute care setting for experience?


I'm currently applying for RN jobs (new grad) and my ultimate goal is to start travelling in 2 years. I'm torn between dialysis and med/surg. Talked to a recruiter and she said 99% of the travel jobs are in the acute care setting, though after a lot of research there seem to be plenty of dialysis jobs. Yes, not as many as some other fields but I found lots of places I'd love to go. Really wanted to do home health but those travel jobs are quite scarce.

What's your experience been as a travelling dialysis nurse? Any problems finding assignments? I've noticed some places want experience with fresenius equipment. Does that mean having to work for Fresenius Dialysis?

One big reason I ask is because I have a call scheduled with Davita next week. Wanted to make sure if I work for them I'd have the experience needed to travel. There is a Liberty Dialysis and Fresenius clinic in my town but no openings. The Davita job is an hours drive away from me but hoping I can get my foot in the door and that something will come open where I live.

For those who do med/surg - any words of wisdom for a future traveler?

Thanks for any and all input!