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  1. Hi all. I am a corrections nurse at a small county jail. our population is around 300, and 80% is chronically ill in some way or another. we have a small nursing staff and limited resources, and i have a couple of recently dx type 2 diabetics...i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get some printable teaching materials for them? we dont have alot of time for face to face teaching and there are also language barriers with one pt. (spanish option would be ideal) there is only one nurse on duty at a time which makes it difficult to spend alot of time with someone... thanks in advance!
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    another choice, with English and Spanish, is
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    About 85% of my patients are only Spanish speaking, I know how hard it is to find good, easy to read/understand inforamtion. for low literacy, and very low literacy in English and Spanish very useful, especially when short on time.

    Also ask glucometer reps for educational materials. They have tons, and it is all free!

    Best of luck!
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    Ely Lilly has great teaching materials (Free) in English and Spanish... should have contact info on their website. I got some for my personal use (including blood sugar logs).
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    Good for you- I think some people that never would otherwise get care, get it in jail. I hope you are able to make a positive impact on the inmates' future health.

    I got some good resources from NovoNordisk recently, they have a couple websites - Cornerstones4Care (for patients) and (for providers). They mailed me the booklets that I selected, for free. I used to feel guilty for giving patients branded materials, but- they are free. has good handouts on all kinds of topics too- those are unbranded, since the site is provided by the AAFP.
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    register for free and go to patient resources

    then click on Patient support

    patient education materials

    a window pops up and then print the compress version of diabetes information

    if you want booklets

    click on the blue shopping cart "Go Shop" and

    you can order up to 40 books per order....
    allowance of 2 orders which is 80 books per month.
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    Hi ! Unfortunately, correctional facilities ONLY offer cheap, high starch meals to inmates. It would be impossible for a newly diagnosed individual to avoid an over abundance of high glycemic highly acidic food choices. Also, due to limited funds the proper vitamin regimen that PREVENTS complications will not be available to your patients.

    However, you can go to the AADE.ORG website or Actually NIH will be great because they emphasize cultural diversity and all of their forms are avail. in Spanish.

    You can also try dlife or

    Good luck and thank you for caring for so much!