Looking at Master's programs in US w/ diabetes specialty- any thoughts? - page 3

Greetings colleagues, I've found a couple of really exciting education/role expansion opportunities for BSN-level diabetes nurses. Both are fully online MSN programs (although they are quick to... Read More

  1. by   jo716
    Gosh, this is an old thread but hopefully people who have been in these programs or similar ones can still see this and chime in! I'm interested in becoming a Diabetes Nurse Educator and see that several people mentioned the same here. I was wondering if these programs had helped at all in helping you eventually obtain such a job or helped you get those 1,000 teaching hours you need to sit for that CDE exam? Getting those hours seems to be the biggest challenge as there is no direct route to getting them.
  2. by   chuva09
    Hi, how was your experience with msn-diabetes at capella? Is it hard? Plan to enroll this February.
  3. by   akshayv
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