DFW New Grad Job, Nursing School Advice

by flows67 flows67 Member

Hey guys! So I am currently located in Texas and I am applying to ABSN Programs. I have already gotten a letter of acceptance to one program (16 months, located outside of DFW, starting in September 2020 and ending in Jan 2022). I am waiting for another program to get back to me as well. The other program I am applying to is a more well-known school in the DFW area (Baylor) since the campus is located in Dallas, which starts in Jan of 2021. However, it's more expensive and completed under 12 months meaning it'll be more rigorous. In terms of new grad residencies in DFW, I know they are extremely competitive. I am struggling to decide between the two schools, as I have to put down a deposit for one soon. I was wondering if the reputation of the program mattered as a new grad in DFW, or if I'm better off going to this other school which is located outside of Dallas, slower in progression, and a bit cheaper. It seems like a great program, but it's at a smaller school and located elsewhere. I know Baylor is well known around the Dallas area just because the campus is located here. After I get my BSN, I pretty much know I want to live in the DFW area to save money and live with my parents, so I'm seeing if this decision will have any impact, or if the school matters that much. Thanks, guys!