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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am new to these boards and am an BSN, RN. I have worked in the field for 13 years and am looking to move forward to the FNP program here in my area.

    I am also blessed to have two beautiful children. I have a son who is 7. He is diagnosed PDD-NOS, and a 3 year old daughter who is also diagnosed PDD; however, I think she is more classical autism.

    Anyway, I have decided that I was not put into this position for any other reason than to help others. I feel like GOD has led me to nursing to help me cope with my children's disabilities as well.

    I am very interested in having my own Autism clinic at some point. I have found a physician that is also interested in an Autism clinic in the area and a local Neurology group has already told him that they would be willing to supply the office space for such in their building. I am interested in a clinic that could be comprehensive in nature. I am interested in a clinic that could not only help achieve diagnosis for children, but also provide medical management, offer the DAN! protocol treatments, support and counseling for families, therapies for children and education for the community.

    I know that a FNP licensure will help me have the skill set behind me to do such a thing, but was wondering about any other Autism specific training, certification...etc that might be available. Things are changing on the Autism field and new things come about all of the time. I just feel compelled to involve myself not only as a concerned parent, but as a concerned professional as well.

    Anyone else working in the field of Autism? Any nuggets of wisdom to share?

    Thanks so much!

    BJRichardsBSN - Indiana
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  3. by   *L*o*n*n*i*e*
    Good for you for pursuing this! I wish we had something like that in my area (Michigan). I'm not a nurse, just a pre-nursing student, so I don't have any words of wisdom for you. For the last four years I have worked at a nearby long-term care facility (for head trauma and brain injury) that has many autistic children. They are so fascinating and each one is so different from the other. Though they have psychologists/therapists that design programs to meet their individual needs (and we, as staff, implement the programs), it would be nice to have a facility nearby that specializes in autism. I think they need more individual attention, rather than having a doctor who doesn't know much about them prescribe them meds that may or may not be suitable. Overall, I think we offer the best long-term care available to the residents, but it would be nice to have some experts.