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  1. I am a registered nurse for learning disabilities in Scotland. Can someone explain Canadas equivilent to my qualification. In Scotland we work mainly within small NHS run resource centres with small houses of 6-8 residents. Most people who live in these centres have either additional health needs or behavioural difficulties. There are also RNLD nurses working within the community offering support to people with learning disabilities and their families and carers. My qualification does not seem to be recognised in many areas outwith europe and Id be interested to know if it matches up to the Canadian version.
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    Hi lisamct.
    In Ontario you do not have to have nursing to work in a group home. In other words your qualification would not be recognized but you can be hired in one of the group homes in Ontario becaus of your experience. I have worked in group home for six years now. I am not a nurse yet but I graduated from college with DSW (Devlomental Services Worker). This allows me to work in group home with people with special needs. It is a two year program that teaches us how to handle working with behaviours, famiilies, medical needs (medication dispensing). I am not sure what your pay rate is in Scotland but here I get apporx 16.00 dollars an hour. This is extremely low compared to the nurses working in an instution which would make between 18-25 dollars an hour.
    If you were to come to Ontario and apply for a job in group home you would make the same as me and start at the bottom of the scale which starts at 13-14 dollars an hours. Most nurses choose not to work in group home here because it is not worthe the pay cut.