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  1. Hi everyone! My family and I are moving in July. I have been working as an Educational Assistant Specialist III for eight years in various schools, from preschool to Post High. Between time I became a LPN. I love working with children with special needs. I have worked with children with severe multihandicaps, spina bifida, CP, autism, and learning disabilities. etc. I found an opening at a facility which needs two Pediatric Charge Nurses. I called them yesterday, but the director was in a meeting. She called today and is very interested in meeting me. So we set up an interview for Monday, (we plan to work on our new home this weekend and spend a few days there anyway). Pulling up old carpet. Ugh!

    I'm so excited! It would be great to combine my experience with and love of special children and my nursing skills. The opening is full-time 7p to 7a, 3 days per week. 4 days off, yippee! I know I shouldn't get excited before the interview, but I feel very positive about this.

    Any advice? Also I'll let everyone know how the interview goes.

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  3. by   nicudaynurse
    Sounds like a good opportunity for you! I hope you get the job! I work for a pediatric neurologist as well as NICU so I see a lot of kids with special needs. They are amazing kids!
  4. by   lisamct
    Sounds like a great job. I work with adults with learning difficulties here in Scotland so I dont have any job interview tips, just wanted to say good luck and let us know how it goes.