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Hi, I have been in the nursing field for almost 5 years and the only job I have had is working in substance abuse. I fresh out of nursing school when I took the job and now I realized this job is okay but its not for me, I have tried to apply other places but have been turned down. I feel that some of my nurses skills have dwindled away due to me not actually participating in them at my job. Does working for a detox or psych hinder your career in someway? I am currently enrolled in classes to start the RN program soon.

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Firstly. You are not a collection of task skills. Your a nurse. They pay you to think. They can teach anyone any nursing skill, think of all the parents who run their child's vent and central line infusion at home. You are a nurse who has five years of thinking and assessing. Sell that!

Be confident, give examples of times you have use your critical thinking, or felt with a difficult family member, or connected with a really tough patient. Thats what the prospective employer wants, even if they don't know it. If you get to an interview remind them of your strengths, downplay the skills sheet Check off BS.