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Hi everyone! I might be asking a lot, but I'll ask anyway...

A few months ago, I decided to pursue a career in nursing...after a undergraduate degree and a few years in the "real world," I really think that the path is a great fit for my goals, interests, and personality.

I'm going to be applying to some masters-entry programs in the SF Bay area in a couple of months, and before that happens, I'm desperately seeking someone who might be willing to chat a bit about their experiences as an advanced-practice nurse. I'm thinking of becoming a PNP, but I haven't quite ruled out FNP or trauma nursing. (I'm currently volunteering in a children's hospital the kids and their families, and I love the pace of the ED.)

In a perfect world, there would be a Bay Area APN out there who would be willing to let me take them out to lunch someday, or might take a little time to answer a few questions via email about their work, their career path, how they balance career with family, etc. (I'd be willing to negotiate some sort of trade, if preferred...I'd be willing to put in some hours doing volunteer work, and I'm also known for my dessert-making abilities.) ;) But I'd love any advice or input from anone who would like to offer it!

Thanks so much!

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