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Hi guys,

I have just been hired as a treatment nurse at a LTF and want to know if there are any places that will certify and further educate an LPN. WOC and WOCN only educate RN's and I am really needing to find one that will work with an LPN. This job is very important to me and the facilty I am working with has just thrown me out there. Any help would be invaluable to me as I want to do a good job and excel in this field and I really want my patients to progress so can you help me please. I have searched everywhere online and can only find accredited schools that only work with RN's. I am making connections with my reps but I really need hands on and online education to become all I want to be.

Thanks in advance...I really don't want to fail my patience due to ignorance

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Check out the Advance for LPN's website. I believe they advertise a wound care certification course in their magazine so they probably have that info on their website.

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