Desperately need help with cultural paper


We need to write a cultural paper for my nursing class, where we need to interview an RN who has come from another country/culture as an R.N. (who worked in their native country as a nurse, before coming to practice nursing in the U.S.A.) If someone could please answer the following questions for me, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you!!!!!

In what country were you born?

In what country were you educated?

What is the status of women, how are career women viewed in that country?

What constitutes an authority figure? Is it acceptable to question or challenge that figure?

What is the status of nurses/ of physicians? How does the salary compare to the USA?

What level of nursing care is given (basic care, skilled care, advanced life support, etc.)?

What are the duties of nurses in the native country?

How are expenses paid? Who is responsible?

What is the level of technology?

What is the culture's view of the elderly? Life support issues? Organ transplantation?

How are time and the use of time viewed?

How is personal space viewed? Touch? Eye contact?

What is the culture's attitude toward illness? Pain? Expression of emotion? Care of opposite sex?

How did you decide to practice in the U.S? What barriers did you encounter? What did you have to do to obtain licensure? How long did it take?

What were the differences you found in this health care system that conflicted with your nursing education, experience and role in your own culture?

Have you, as a "foreign" born and educated nurse encountered any prejudice or difficulty with patients, other nurses, doctors, and family members in this country? If so, how do you deal with this?

Any other comments or questions?

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