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I was wondering if you awesome LDRP nurses could help me. I would really like to become one of you. I have been a little confused in the past about what I wanted but I truly do believe this is it. After nursing school, I worked in a NICU for about 11 months. I loved the job but the working environment was horrible. I went into the job knowing this because I did my preceptorship there, but I thought I would give it a chance. It didn't work out in my favor. However, I did learn that I love working with mothers and babies and I absolutely adore patient teaching.

Then, I went to a pediatric ER, where I am now. I have been there about 11 months. I am not totally sure why I picked this job, I think I was so excited about being offered a job after my other experience that I didn't think. I love the fact that I learn about new diseases and treatments and get experience with critical thinking and time management. However, the ER is not for me.

I truly believe that LDRP would be for me. I experienced it a little with going to births from the NICU but I truly would love to do it. I believe that I have the ability to do well at something that I truly do enjoy doing and I believe I would enjoy this. It is crazy because the only clinicals that I enjoyed during were LDRP and Peds.

I don't have LDRP experience but I would even be willing to start off in a women's health area and work my way over from there.

I would be willing to move anywhere(I live in Michigan now). I truly believe in my heart that this will be my niche and I can learn and grow(and spend longer than 11 months ).

Any help on places to apply that will take someone with limited experience but a willingness to learn would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a blessed day!!



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I have been working in labor and delivery for over 10 years, and am now in grad school to be a nurse midwife. I have loved my decision since the first day I stepped into the class room for my labor and delivery internship!

As far as getting into this can be tough. Most labor and delivery jobs want at least a year of experience.....but you can not get a job!!! I live in the Dallas area, and see it every year, usually in the beginning of the year.....many of the larger hospitals hire nurses for their specialty departments, with the intention of putting them through their own preceptorship programs. Usually labor and delivery is about 6 months of classes and precepted clinical days. You get paid by the hospital to go to their classes, and are precepted by the nurses on the floor you will be working with. usually they will want you to sign a contract to stay at that facility for 2 years or so, but you will WANT the job! You can check with the hospitals in your area so see if they also offer some of these types of programs. Check with the larger, busier facilities first, as the small community hospitals are less likely to have the funds and staff for such an endeavor. Also, get your resume in line. A well worded cover letter is a must.

Good luck!:redbeathe

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not all labor units want one year experience. i work in a high risk labor/antepartum unit-we get all the transfers from other hospitals in our area. We take new grads.

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I also went straight out of nursing school to a high risk L&D unit. Like HappyNurse said, not every L&D unit requires experience. Good luck in your endeavor.


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No experience needed where I am. Having the RN is the only requirement. But we are also in the middle of nowhere and will just about take anyone we can get.


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Where in MI are you from? I'm from the Grand Blanc/Linden/Fenton area. I just got my acceptance letter for the Nursing Program and I start in Jan. I want to start in NICU when I get done with school, but I heard that it is really hard to get into NICU when you're just starting off... Any tips or pointers that you have will be greatly appreciated. I eventually plan on going to be a Nurse anesthetist.

I've thought about being in the Labor and Delivery unit also. If you get into the L&D unit let me know how you like it.

Good Luck!

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wow wish i could of started in labor and delivery with no experience. i worked as a aide in postpartum and did my paid internship in a labor and delivery floor. i was suppose to be offered a new grad RN, but the job never materialized so i went into med surg. i plan to get at least 2 years in med surg and hopefully i can transfer to a labor and delivery/ob/postpartum floor. in the mean time im trying to get my acls, nrp, basic fetal monitoring, take doula classes and maybe go in wifery or take a basic course. what else should i do to get my foot in the door?