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Interested in heading into a derm specialty after completing my masters.

any current Derm Nps want to share their path? I know there is no specific masters for derm, it's more specializing in the job. Also interested in the cosmetic aspect!

any and all advice/tips would be greatly appreciated

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I'm also curious about this. I'd love to hear the typical derm path that leads to success.


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There is a company with locations in Dallas and Scottsdale, AZ that will pick you up for dermatology training. You can search for those jobs on and it should pop up.

I am currently in a job hunt for a Derm NP position. I know it'll vary from geographic location, but I can touch on how it is over here in New Jersey.

There is a fairly even mix of New Grad derm jobs and experience derm jobs. The majority of Derm practices here hire Physician Assistants, though I'm not sure why.

Most practices will hire a new grad and train them from scratch. Training periods usually last 3-6 months, consisting of shadowing, a didactic portion, and sometimes seeing their own patients. From what I've seen, it really depends on how fast the person picks it up.

I find it's a little harder to get into the cosmetic side of Derm unless you've had cosmetic experience as an RN.

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I'm also interested in working in derm. Unfortunately, the derm jobs are few and far between in my area, and they all want at least 2 years of Derm experience. I don't think it's going to happen for me.