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DePaul Graduate '19 experience

seseleLT seseleLT (New) New Nurse

For anyone who is thinking of going to the Depaul for the MENP program. I have just graduated and if there is one person I can help talk out of this program or second guess going then this is worth writing in the middle of the night. Here are the following things that I have dealt with in the last (almost) 2 years.

Clinical instructor quit during middle of quarter and they subbed all the hours with simulation lab. If you want to pay for your degree this is the program.

I have only had 3 professors that have actually taught; everyone else is garbage and some are school nurses who literally have been out of practice who don’t even know how to work an infusion pump at a clinical site.

A DNP professor stating that “politics has NOTHING to do with health disparities”.

Maybe the one thing DePaul has going for them is teaching to test your patience and nerves. You basically jump through hoops non-stop.

DePauls NCELX pass rate currently is 86% which is comparable to a community college, compared to Rush which is 99/100%. (THAT ALONE IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT).

Don’t forget tuition is around 72k plus books/transportation/parking, I have easily spent around 85k ( docuCare access code cost 300, we used it one time for a 5 min assignment).

Now moving onto to community service hours, depending what site you get your whole schedule is based off doing these hours. Pick a site that is close by and where you can volunteer for at least 4 hours at a time. I can only volunteer at 2.5-hour intervals once a week, so I basically volunteer every week with a drive that is 45 min and transportation is NOT to be counted, although it used to be counted for quarters that finished but currently they changed the policy.

Apparently, the program is underfunded, staff quit at any moment. This was told to us when a student started questioning as to why everything is so disorganized.

Last quarter is supposed to be immersion where we follow a nurse at a department for 130 hours. DePaul claims that they aim to give us approximately 6 weeks of notice about the site we are paired with but in our case, it was 1.5 weeks. I also did not know who my preceptor was until 3 days before immersion began. The hospital I was assigned to is 1.5 hours away one way (I’ll leave it at that).

There are so many people here just biting their tongue and trying to get through this because we have no choice and can’t switch into a different program.

I hope this helps for anyone thinking of going here, you have been warned. I wanted to be proud of graduating from a school that has a good reputation or so they say, but I really have just felt sad that I spent so much and will be reminded for many years of a mistake I made.

WOW!, thank you SO much for this and being very transparent.. I decided to pass on submitting my deposit to this program in march because I still was waiting to hear back from more programs by the time it was due. I always kept wondering if I made the wrong decision, but now this can give me a peace of mind. I wish all the best for you and that you come out strong!