Depakote dosing

by Eponine Eponine Member

Hi all. I have a case study due on a 48 year old African American male who weighs 240 pounds. He is on various medications, including Depakote for migraines. The order states: divalproex sodium (Depakote) 15mg/kg/daily PO.

I tried to figure the dose out, and if my calculations are right he would take 1,632.93mg of Depakote per day. According to my drug guide, the maximum dose for Depakote is 1000mg. Is 1632mg too high a dose?

I'm lost as to what to write in my assignment. I feel like I should state that I would double check the orders with the physician, but I'm not sure. I have to do a cost analysis for a month as well. Do I calculate the cost for the 1632mg or the maximum dose stated in the drug guide?

Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated!