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Ten years ago I had the most fantastic head nurse!Each day she wore a white uniform & cap

(which at the time was mandatory for staff nurses)."Lois" sat through report with us and besides being in charge,she ran the daily operations of the unit.When we needed someone to ask a question or raise a concern,she was there.Best of all,when we needed back up (ie a mouthy DR,or dispute)she went to bat for us.I have found since the title of "head nurse" changed to "nurse manager" the essence of nursing has gotten lost underneath a mountain of quality management,this committee,that committee etc.That "day" we all lost our "nurse advocate".Nowadays,the heirarchy is clinical resource(a coworker),nurse mangager,then program mangement.I feel a buck passing like style has been adopted and no one seems accountable for anything.Mentor,has become an extinct concept.Now our hospital is looking into a "patient advocate" position which will be held by someone who is not a nurse,therefore ignorant to the real world of nursing.I look upon this as another river to cross with the current against us and no one to throw a rope!If any "new title" should be developed we need a "nurse advocate".This post is not meant to cause controversy,just a little something for us to chew the fat on.What's your views?

Wow, sounds like your hospital has alot of problems. Sorry to say I don't have all the answers but I believe your nurses should stand together collectively and make your voices heard. Maybe you need a union to intervene. Maybe you already have one and it's not working for you.

All I do know is I love my job and the hospital I work at is really nice. Each Director of Nursing or Manager of the department has had many years staff nursing experience as far as I know. They may think more like managers than nurses these days but I'm just glad somebody wants to do their crappy jobs because I would NEVER !!!

The Million Nurse March is trying to build the rope for us all to grab ahold of. Yes, we must work together! Please go to and take a look.

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