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Delta College (Michigan) ADN Program

I recently waitlisted again for the ADN program at my school Delta College. It is guaranteed acceptance, but sometimes a long wait to get into clinicals. This will be my 3rd semester waitlisting, so hopefully this is it for me. I validated for my program back in Fall of 2018. I find out officially if I’m in by the end of the month. I had spoken to some of the administrative assistants of the nursing program here & they both said that pretty much all of the people who validated Fall of 18 should be in for Fall of 20, so until then I’m just anxiously waiting 😕 Our program takes 27 regular students & 27 scholars students for it’s full time nursing program every fall semester and 30 for regular and scholars for the Winter semester. There is also a part time ADN program, an LPN/paramedic-ADN transition program, and a LPN program as well.


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