Delhi Tech RN graduation rate- NY


Hi. I'm wondering if many RN students out there are grappling with their school graduating only a fraction of the students who started as freshman. I understand rates of attrition, and that many students aren't cut out for, or do not choose to do the work, but shouldn't these students be weeded out during the first semester or year of work to save the time and expense of continuing their education to a dead-end? It seems that SUNY, Delhi Tech waits for the last semester to fail a majority of the students who have made it that far. It would seem that a higher NCLEX passing rate is far more important to them, than graduating students to give them a chance to sit for it! Few in my class would have enrolled had we known there would be only a 30% (or less) chance of them allowing us to graduate! It's been two hard years of work, and much money to get this far, and my last class is the one a majority of my class is failing. Is anyone else facing similar circumstances?