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delegation exam question

by lgcrawford lgcrawford (New) New

Does anyone know what the scope of practice for a lpn in Idaho is? I have a question about this on a take home test and I am unable to get info from the State Nursing Board.

You should be able to get what you need by looking at the Idaho administrative code. I'm sure you can access this via the net.

Actually that is the problem I have looked at the Idaho Administrative Code and it is very vague. I have worked at a hospital here and I think an LPN that I worked with was allowed to do everything but give IV push meds. Maybe the final decision is left to the hospital policy or private practice policy for LPNs. Just wondering if anyone worked in Idaho and knew anything about this.

Hi I don't know if this will help but I work on a floor with LPN's and RN's and the LPN can do everything that the RN does except the 24 assessment. I live in OKlahoma I just thought that it might help

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