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Has anyone had a situation where an admissions committee replies with a "delay in decision" and sends you a letter saying that they want you to take a graduate level science class? If so, what class did you take?

Also, what's your opinion on what it means for chances of successfully being accepted?

Thanks for your input

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In other words, you have been "waitlisted"? I have no personal experience with this; however, an acquaintance of mine had this happen, and she got in the following year after taking some general MSN classes. That must be sort of frustrating. My personal opinion is to knock out a couple classes that meet requirements for more than one school, apply to multiple schools next time, and wish for the best.

Good luck!

Yeah, I guess it's kinda like being "wait-listed"? I have no idea if my shot for this application cycle is done or if that's still a possibility, or if I'd just be considered for the following class without having to completely reapply? I am gonna call them on Monday and try to clear up what exactly it all means.

It IS frustrating, but I keep telling myself it's better than an outright rejection.

I was once waitlisted as well, I will give you my personal opinion. Unless taking these courses offers you some sort of guarantee during the next cycle I would so move on to other schools. The worst feeling on earth would be to take these courses and end up getting a rejection next year. You would have wasted time, resources, and money not to mention the emotional investment in an institution that may not end up taking you. I had a very similar situation happen to me and I would not consider taking classes at that school because admission was not guaranteed. Instead, I focused my efforts on applying to other programs and got accepted there. I don't know your GPA, stats, experience, or background so again grain of sand, but overall I would never give money to a school who isn't guaranteeing me the position I want. This is the same as the general studies game many undergraduate schools try to pull.

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