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Hi new to the site...just wanted to know if anyone new anything about the multiple internships that are offered at Christiana Care. Im a new graduate RN and im having trouble finding a job in the... Read More

  1. by   sunshinern78
    Did anyone apply to the 2010 ICU internship? Did you hear anything back?
  2. by   tmy5009
    I got a call for an interview for the critical care internship the second full week in April, but had to turn it down since I had already accepted another offer. I have a friend that applied to the medical internship and has an interview for next week. Hope that helps!
  3. by   Sehille4774
    Quote from Azzurri

    I just want to clue you in on something, just because you have a BSN, doesn't mean you know more than someone with a ASN or will be a better nurse. We all take the same nursing classes and clinicals, you guys just have more nursing theory classes. I have taken all the sciences that BSN courses require in the past, it just wasn't a good time in my life to get a BSN. I think I'm alot more skillful than alot of the nurses I work with that have higher degrees. I'm not being cocky, just honest.


    I REALLY wish people would think about what they are saying before they say this S$%^ about BSN's. I am a BSN, so I am biased. Nurses from other educational backgrounds expect that you resepct them for their talent and skills...and yet if I let the cat out of the bag that i am a BSN, nine times out of ten I am gaurenteed to get an earfull about this and that "enter negative comment of your choice related to BSN's"--if not total resentment and hate from my doesnt matter what my attitude is..or how good i am as a nurse. people are going to assume I think i am better then everyone else, and that im trying to be the boss..and frequently, I am going to get the cold to function in the workplace, I actually have to HIDE my credentials...credentials that I worked hard for and paid ALOT of money for. Now personally I feel that their are good BSN's and bad BSN's, good ASN's and bad ASN's. I think that having nurses from a variety of backgrounds is a positive thing...LPN, ASN's, diploma nurses, due to the diverse nature of healthcare.

    But i resent people generalizing BSN's as having the exact same experience as everyone else..what do you think we are doing in those 4 years? And unless you have been in that do you have any idea what we do during that time? I had 3 full semesters of med surg, including a full semester of critical/complex med surg, a Full semester of psych, and a full semester of ob/peds..

    BSN's are the minority...we are VASTLY outnumbered by every other type of why are people so threatened? IF you spent more time and money on your education, you would expect to get something for that too...and as it is IT is a WONDERFUL thing for nursing that we have educational opportunities for least those opportunities are open to you if you so choose. BUT this pervasive negative attitude hurts us all...We have a heck of alot of responsibility in nursing, we want to get paid, and we want the recognition as the professionals that we are...BUT those opportunities loose their value when we spread so much heresay about what a worthless degree it keep up the attitude, and the BSN's will go away. But then nurses are never gonna recieve the same status as the other healthfields such as respiratory therapy, pt, ot, radiology ect...even tho we are responsible for so much more..

    Yes, hospitals should look at the whole package for that the person brings to the table..experience counts for alot...and i would fight for that cause, and support any ASN if they are a good why cant people support what is right and fair for me? You may think that your additudes dont matter...but i have been told by recruiters and administration types that BSN is worthless....Well, will someone please tell me how much education is enough today in America to get an entry level position? Your attitude influences public opinion and the decision makers.

    Bottom line..I dont try to mess with your please stop trying to mess with mine. That is my livelyhood. As it is they have been saying that BSN was going to be the new entry into practice for 20 years..and it hasnt happened. So you can relax.

    I just wish people would consider what its like to be in my shoes and give me the same consideration and respect that i give them..
  4. by   Happiness5
    I got the call yesterday and got offered the job for the critical care internship! I'm so excited!!!!
  5. by   HappyNewRN
    Quote from Happiness5
    I got the call yesterday and got offered the job for the critical care internship! I'm so excited!!!!
    Congrats! Have you ever worked there before? At Christiana, I mean? I applied for the ED and the CC internships, and got accepted into the ED! I'm excited, too :-) When is your start date? While I got rejected from the CC internship, they offered me a position in the Progressive Care Units internship (TSU and 3D- pulmonary step-down). I've never heard of that one before. The recruiter told me that it isn't something that is advertised, but occasionally they'll hire into it. I thought about it for a minute, but decided to stick with my ED internship!

    Which units will you choose to rotate through??
  6. by   anitavong
    Quote from Tsiasn
    Hi lsm-- I applied for the medical internship and the critical nurse internship and the ED internship. I got rejected from the ED internship and I got an interview from the other ones. He,y I thought it went pretty good and I thought I answered the questions the best I can. I heard they want to be magnet so theyll hire from within (their cnas) and theyll only hire bsns. plus i've never had any hospital experience, only nursing home experience.

    what kills me is they make you wait for so long. most of the other internship programs ive applied to let you know in early april! this sucks b/c by then, they want you to sign a contract. christiana is my 1st choice and if they don't take me for somethhing, ive wasted the new grad application cycle and won't be able to apply until later this year..... oh well.
    hi Tsiasn,
    I applied for the NICU internship 2 weeks ago and haven't got anything from them. Their HR didn't receive any phone calls. So frustrating. When did you have the interview after you applied ? Do you know how many people they hire? I have my license in PA and NJ. Do they not hire people without DE license? Thanks!
  7. by   anitavong
    Quote from Happiness5
    I got the call yesterday and got offered the job for the critical care internship! I'm so excited!!!!
    Hi Happiness5,

    Congrats! How's the program going? I graduated in Dec. 2010 and applied for the NICU internship 2 weeks ago. Now they posted a critical care internship. I wanted to apply, but I don't know if I need to submit all the required materials again. They require to use their reference form and I don't feel like asking my teachers to fill them out again for me.
    Did you have DE license when you applied? I have to apply for endorsement. I don't know if they will hire GNs without DE license. Thanks!
  8. by   mandamoRN
    I also graduated December 2010 and applied for nicu internship. I really want to get a call soon the waiting is agony! Good luck to those who applied and Congrats to those who got accepted! Does anyone know when they will start making selections?
  9. by   kbuckl03
    Has anyone applied for the June 2011 ED intership and heard back from them. I had an interview and thought I would have heard by now and haven't.
  10. by   NewRNYayMe
    A classmate of mine got a rejection from their ED internship already.

    Has anyone heard from the med/surg internship?