2 degrees - CRNA schools look at both????


I'm getting my 2nd degree bachelors in nursing. Doing very well so far I expect to have well above 3.0

Way back in 1994 (Some of you weren't even in high school yet:) ) I received my 1st Bachelors in Psychology and did NOT do well at all (2.9) -

Will advanced nursing programs evaluate grades from the degree? or does "overall GPA" pertain to my BSN only?


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In general they are going to look at every class you have ever taken at any post secondary institution. Some programs weigh the last 60 or so credits more heavily in their consideration. I would look to the specific schools you are looking at applying to see how they do this.

good luck! shoot for the highest gpa you can while you can now~!

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I will. Thank you so much!


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Your school might do it differently, but my BSN GPA is a cumulative one, averaging every undergraduate grade I've received through 2 bachelor's degrees and 3 schools attended. I applied to my BSN program as a transfer student (with a BS), and obviously needed to transfer in English, math, gen ed, etc. It gets tough to separate out what you earned where. I would imagine that most CRNA programs at least look at all of your undergrad and graduate work, unless they specifically state that they only want your last 60 credits. Admission committees that actually look through an entire transcript will likely care more about your (hopefully) As in nursing and science courses than Cs in 20-year old child psychology, but you have to get that far and meet all their minimums. Do as well as you can now, and contact individual schools you're considering regarding their specific policies. Good luck!

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